About us

The company that is now Brohall & Son was founded in 1956 under the name of Eklöws Childrenswear. Clary Eklöw sold sewing machines that included four hours of home teaching and during these home visits Clary Eklöw met many talented home seamstresses, who were very positive to sewing to order if any orders came their way. Clary saw the opportunity and took her husband, Lennart, with her on an inspirational trip to southern Europe.

With a loan of SEK 2,000, which was immediately converted into fabrics from Boras, the company was founded in a basement on Södra vägen in Varberg. Eklöws made two collections per year for the ages 3-14 years, primary focusing on girls' clothing. That may have been because Clary herself sewed her daughter Carina's clothes when she was little. A popular item was the siblings' clothes, for both boys and girls.

The business grew and moved to Clary's parents' home, a general store in Lingome outside Väröbacka. It served as both a home and a factory, with 35 employees at its most. Plus, it subcontracted a further 50 people, mainly in the textile mecca, Boras. During the peak years, 100,000 garments were produced each year.

Eklöws range was devoted to timeless garments, made from good quality pure natural materials. Export sales came early, under the motto "timeless, classic and romantic". The garments were never the cheapest, but were always high quality and very durable. Many garments are still worn today by the third generation. A good example is the Sweden costume, a Tyrolean-influenced dress, which has sold more than half a million items. After Queen Silvia found a sample collection at a trade show in Stockholm attractive, Eklöws received a Royal Warrant in 1984.

Clary Eklöws daughter, Carina Brohall, joined the company early and designed her first collection in the autumn of 1988, a tough and trendy collection for boys. Or as it was put; for the smaller gentleman. In 1989, Clary and Lennart Eklöw, who had always managed sales, retired and sold the company. Carina Brohall worked on under her own name, Carina Brohall Design and today the company is run by her son David Brohall, under the name Brohall & Son. Clary Eklöw still plays an active part in the business.